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Mojo (Kannada)

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A photojournalist has sudden flashes of immediate events in the future. Freaked out, he tries to figure whether this hyperactive sixth sense of his is any cause for worry. Meeting a long-lost friend, who is a shrink, only adds more suspense to his worries.

This film by Sreesha Belakvaadi has travelled across the globe for many film festivals, where it has been lauded for the experimental effort. And as the laurels say, the film isn't a regular commercial film and right from the onset, one gets to see that this is something new and 'different'. Does this experimental effort work? Partly so, because of some clever writing. But there are some shortcomings, too.

The film begins with an introduction to the theory and proof of the existence of sixth sense. Soon thereafter, we are introduced to the protagonist and his ability to see the near future. A couple of instances show us how he can see the future happenings around him vividly, and this is also introduced to us as a cause of worry to him. When he meets a former classmate, who is a shrink, he reveals a secret of his that is horrific and involves a murder. The shrink friend and he try to solve this puzzle, which only gets murkier as more details are revealed.

The film begins on a rather jagged note, with the pace of the thriller picking up only after the first half hour. Mojo is a thriller and it does have its intense moments, but the complex subject that it deals with makes it seem a tad slow at times, with a few songs added in as well. These tunes, which are quite good, only reduce the pace of the thriller, which has a good interval block and also picks up pace towards the climax.

The new lead pair frontlining this thriller seem earnest, though their acting seems a little amateur in crucial scenes. This doesn't take the credit off them, as they have complex roles and they do their best to stand up to the task. Mojo might not be the thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout, but it does have a few nail-biting moments. Check it out if you like new attempts.

Write a Review for Mojo

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