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Subject: Want to be my spouse???
Name: Zareina
Gender: FEMALE
Height: 5' 3''
Details: I'm an artist I create art that is my passion!!!! Watch movies, read, plan things ahead of time so life could be easier!!!!
Interested in : Male for Dating
Looking For: I believe in stability and stagnancy in life. That means being patient and respectful of eachother. Yet I'm very fun loving and spontaneous person!!! I've sacrificed, compromised and worked hard for where I'm in my life so I want someone who is stable and respectful. And has patience to listen me well and follow through. Yet he is fun and spontaneous!!!! He is well grounded and desi not westernized. Being traditional doesnot necessarily mean staying with parents, or cooking. A person who wants to have children in 1-2 year as I'm getting older. So for that he has to be financially stable. I'm getting older but I look 10 years younger to my age. So I want same age is not factor but looks is. Not bald, not fat. Takes care of himself. Well grommed. Darker in skin tone.
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