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Buying Car Insurance can be a frustating experience

Contributed by :Jiji

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Buying car insurance can be very frustrating experience. There are so many options and so many things to consider. The aim of this article is to ease some of the pain and provide you some information on discounts available to you. Do not depend on the insurance company to provide you those discounts on their own; you have to ask for them.

So what are the top car insurance discounts?

1.Good Driver
Drivers with low risk are goal mine for insurance companies. If you have a clean driving record for three years, most insurers will reward you with a discount.

2. Hybrid-vehicle
If you have a hybrid car, you might be eligible for discount on various insurance companies.

3.Club Discounts
If you are member of clubs such as AAA or your company has an agreement with an insurer then you might be eligible for some discount.

Safety Features:
Many features such as anti-lock brakes and airbags qualify you for a lower insurance price.

If you don't drive car a lot then you might be able to get a discount. Good for those who work from home or take public transportation to work.

Multiple Policy
Combine all your insurances (homeowner, umbrella etc.)under one provider and you can get some discount. If you have more than one car then that might also qualify you to get some discount.

If you park your car regularly in a garage then that can help you get some discount
If you are retired then you might be able to get a some discount

Other factors that affect your insurance
2.Where you live
3.Your Credit Score
4.Your Coverage and deductible
5.The kind of car you drive


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