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Uncertainty over AMTZ head sends jitters to AP medical device makers
Brain protein that could protect against Alzheimer's disease
Kids in low income countries prescribed excess antibiotics
Decoded! Why some causal drinkers turn into heavy alcoholic
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Shun sugary treats to avoid winter depression this X'mas
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Poor diet increases risk of vision loss in later life
Genes alone won't determine Alzheimer's risk
Brain circuit linked to food impulsivity identified
Over 9 hours' of sleep may raise stroke risk by 23%
Sri Lanka to fight dengue virus with bacteria
'Food labels should tell exercise needed to burn calories'
Two experimental Alzheimer's drugs show anti-ageing effects
Father's X chromosome holds clues to autoimmune disease in women
Find a meaning in life to stay healthy, live long
Narcissism begins to fade away as you land your first job
First 3D neural tissue model developed in lab
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