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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
07/06/1787 Robert founded Indian Botanic Garden near Calcutta by Kyd on 273 acres of land.
07/06/1837 Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar, a reputed oriental scholar and famous Indian Scientist, was born in Malvan in Ratnagiri district. He was a social reformer and an active member of Prathana Samaj of Bombay.
07/06/1881 Saint Gulabrao Maharaj was born in Vidarbha.
07/06/1901 Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, great social reformer, politician and leader, was born at Calcutta. He was the founder of the ""Bharatiya Jana Sangh"", of which BJP is the successor party. His father Sir Asutosh was widely known in Bengal.
07/06/1917 Bhandarkar Prachyavidya Sanshodhak Mandir' was established.
07/06/1927 Vyankatesh Dingambar Madgulkar, great Marathi story writer and novelist, was born.
07/06/1927 Prabhjot Kaur, great poet and author, was born at Langrayal (Pakistan).
07/06/1930 Balmurlikrishna, famous singer, was born.
07/06/1935 Dalai Lama, the 14th incarnate and religious leader of Tibet, was born. He was born to Tenzin Gyotso (His Holiness the VIVth Dalai Lama) in Taksten Village, Chhija Nangso, Tibet. He was awarded with Nobel Prize for Peace in 1989.
07/06/1939 Manmohan Sood, cricketer (scored 0 & 3 in his only Test for India), was born in Lahore.
07/06/1942 Urmila Devi Shastri, freedom fighter and editor of ""Janma Bhoomi"", died due to non-medical facility and mal-nutrition in Jail. She has also written ""Karagaar Ke Anubhav"" in 1930. She was arrested for Satyagrah and forcefully closing of Foreign Goods.
07/06/1944 Mahatama Gandhi was for the first time addressed as 'Father of Nation'.
07/06/1955 Marshall Tito and Nehru's joint declaration in Belgrade.
07/06/1960 The President promulgates the ESMA, 1960.
07/06/1986 Babu Jagjivan Ram, valiant freedom fighter, passed away. He held many prominent ministerial portfolios such as Communication Minister (1952-56), Railway Minister (1956-62), Food and Agriculture Minister (1967-70), Defence Minister (1970-74). After 1977, he became the Deputy Prime Minister (Defence) in Janta regime. Thereafter, he established Congress (J). His uninterrupted representation in the Parliament from 1936 to 1986 is a world record.(5-4-91).
07/06/1992 R. Janakiraman Committee estimates involvement of Rs. 3543 crore in the security scam.
07/06/1992 The centre decides to allow TV and Radio time slots for private producers.
07/06/1993 39 people were killed and three officials abducted in J&K .
07/06/1993 JPC decides to send 'interrogatory letters' to PM's aide R. K. Khandekar, Sunil Mittal and 7 others.
07/06/1995 Five foreign tourists trekking in Kashmir 10 km uphill from Pahalgam were abducted by militants.
07/06/1998 Salman Khursheed is appointed the new UPCC(I) chief. While Tindivanam K. Ramamurthy is the new TNCC(I) chief, Sat Mahajan has been appointed HPCC(I) president.
07/06/1998 Moshood Abiola, the detained Nigerian politician and presumed winner of the 1993 elections, died in Abuja.
07/06/1999 Sub. Jata Shankar secured 'Silver' medal in 400 Mtr race at the International circuit Athletic Meet held at Trivendrum.
07/06/1999 The Indian High Commission staff member Yog Raj Vij, who was beaten up and abducted by Pakistani intelligence operatives, is released. India strongly condemns this assault.
07/06/2000 India, Nepal sign agreement to set up a specialist joint unit to counter terrorism and share information about criminals operating along the border.
07/06/2000 Mohan Lal bags Best Actor Award for his sensitive portrayal of a Kathakali artist in ''Vaanasprastham'' and the film wins the Best Feature Film and Best Editing Awards at the 47th National Film Festival-2000.


Other Historical Dates and Events
03/08/1957Balasaheb Gangadhar Kher, prominent leader in Maharashtra and former Chief Minister of Mumbai province, passed away.
10/26/1814British General Governor declared war against Nepal.
02/01/1929Jyotirbhaskaracharya Jayant Salgaonkar was born.
05/12/1666Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj meet Aurangzeb and was arrested.
12/11/1845First battle between Britishers and Sikhs. In 1849, Punjab lost its independence. This is referred as the first Anglo-Sikh War.
12/03/1992Indian, UN Operations in Mozambique begins (ONUMOZ - Dec 92 to Oct 94)
09/11/1987Mahadevi Verma, Gyanpith award winner and one of the greatest luminaries of modern Hindi literature, passed away.
01/24/1980J.S. Bawa became the director of Central Bureau of Investigation (till 28/02/85).
05/08/1963Centenary of Indian Red Cross was celebrated. Today is birthday of its founder.
01/31/1994Punjab and Haryana High Court orders plastic surgery to remove 'Jebkatri' (pickpocket) tattooed on the forehead of four women by Amritsar Police.